8:00 am                Load buses behind the Alumni Centre, Olds College Campus

8:15 am                Buses will depart for delegate and partner FARM tours throughout MVC and RDC.

5:00 pm                Buses will return to Olds College campus

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Amoung one of the few farms that, to this day, are operating on the original homestead, in the same family name, and the same type of farming operation. Currently growing wheat, barley and canola in a zero-till operation. Technology is a significant part of the operation from seeding in the spring with GPS to control and the virtual elimination of all over-lap in the field passes.


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Blue grass SOD

Ever wonder where those beautiful greens on the premium golf courses comes from? It's the dedication to high quality and premium grade that Blue Grass offers. From a small family business, Blue Grass has grown into one of Alberta's largest tree and sod producers. Providing everything needed for landscaping that perfect outdoor oasis in Calgary and Southern Alberta. Explore and learn about their methods of growing premium grade turf used for residential lawn, commercial and golf courses, specimen trees such as evergreens, fruiting trees, shade trees and more, hardy shrubs, and other garden essentials.



Bystrom hEMP

Bystrom Farms have been growing hemp on their farm near Sylvan Lake AB for the past three years primarily for food grade seed.  Join the tour to learn about this interesting new market opportunity for the agriculture industry.




Part of the Innisfail Growers, Beck Farms have been crafting the art of growing carrots for over 25 years. Shelley & Rod Bradshaw along with their 2 sons are committed to growing and packing only the highest quality products which now include, Cole crops, Beets, Dill, Parsnips, Peppers and Preserves.



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Carlson AG & Agri-trend Precision Ag Demonstration

Precision farming, also known as satellite farming, is used to observe and measure inter-field and intra-field variabilty in crops to provide whole farm management.  This stop will investigate intensive agriculture and how it benefits the bottom line return for the farm business. Agri-trend will be demonstrating SIS( Soil Information Systems) analytics, drone technology, variable rate fertilizer and seed, soil moisture sensor technology at the Carlson site.

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Barr-Ag Grain & Hay Exporters

Producers, Buyers, Exporters! A farm-to-farm based business that grows crops near the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Canada’s leading exporter of timothy hay, non-GMO alfalfa hay, mixed hay, oat hay and sweet hay. The harsh Canadian climate pushed Barr-Ag to raise their hay crops using more natural methods without the excessive use of fertilizers.



G.D. Ellis Farms Ltd. -  Pedigree Seed/40 mile beer

Brian Ellis is a pedigree seed grower located east of Olds Alberta producing seed barely, peas, wheat and faba beans. Brian also provides custom seed treating and see treating equipment through Graham Seed Treating Systems. Brian is producing Syngenta's AAC Synergy barley as part of the 40 mile beer trial where the barely is grown, malted and brewed within a 40 mile radius.


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Willow Barn

Nestled between waving wheat fields and adjacent to a quaint working farm, this beautiful barn and immaculate setting will be perfect for us to break for lunch. A little time to take in the scenery, rest and mingle while enjoying the amazing menu.



Reese Cattle Company

Purebred Charolais breeders located west of Didsbury with100 commercial cows and 150 purebred Charolais cows. In addition to the cows, they have 1900 acres of cultivated land primarily into hay, barley and canola. Discover what sets Reese Cattle Company apart from others in the world of raising cattle.

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