8:00 am                Load buses behind the Alumni Centre, Olds College Campus

8:15 am                Buses will depart for delegate and partner FARM tours throughout MVC and RDC.

5:00 pm                Buses will return to Olds College campus

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Historic Markerville

Proud cultural heritage with adventures around every corner! Enjoy the country lifestyle, beautiful gardens and wildlife along the streets of the hamlet while taking in the delicious creamery and interpretive tour.



Edgar Farms

The unique central Alberta location provides ideal soil conditions to produce flavorful and fresh produce. Edgar farms is the largest asparagus operation in Alberta and also grows sweet fresh garden peas, sugar snap peas, snow peas, broad beans, yellow beans and green beans. Take a stroll through the farm store to pick out some delicious preserves, frozen meats and fresh pies!



Jungle Farm

Sweet strawberries ripe for the picking! Indulge in the farm fun full of pick your own produce with a great selection with plenty of assorted vegetables, a bountiful strawberry patch, farm fresh produce and flowers. Tour the gardens on an antique tractor with covered wagon and discover the story of how they grow their vegetables and fruit. Enjoy lunch prepared by the Jungle Farm with only their finest.

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Shirley's Greenhouse

36,000 square foot greenhouse growing two different types of cucumbers, eight types of tomatoes, eggplant, hot peppers, bell peppers, butter lettuce, and kale. What set Shirley's apart? They grow all their vegetables without the use of synthetic pesticides. Eat fresh veggies right off the vine! Discover their growing practices including hydroponic operation, pest management and how they achieve the delicious quality of their product.

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Kohut Corn

Holistic Farming of good food! Committed to responsibly producing the worlds greatest SWEET CORN using responsible and environmentally friendly farming practices. Learn how Kohut makes every effort to respect the land and our taste buds using organic and permaculture principles. Corn is not ready for picking until early August, but discover all there is to know and be prepared for the coming season while taking in some Kohut Corn secrets!




An oasis of tranquility looking over the lush green rolling hills to the Rocky Mountains. Learn all about their methods of raising sheep, crafting woollen products including sheepskins and moccasins. PaSu's focus is on natural fibres, high quality craftsmanship, functional design and affordability. Enjoy a delicious, heart-warming lunch during your visit while viewing the panoramic view of the rockies.


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Fallen Timber Meadery

Open year round, a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and meet the team while touring the brewing operation and honey house. Learn how their honey is collected and how they choose their hive placement so that their bees can have access to a wide variety of wildflowers. Fallen Timber is a member of the cottage winery industry in Alberta. Great mead starts with great honey, and honey is something that the Ryan family knows very well.



SolSTice Berry Farm

Striving to produce premium Saskatoon berries to the highest possible standard! Gain knowledge of the developing crops under the chinook arch, how year round weather predicts the fruits future and why these premium berries make the picturesque journey all the more worth it! Take some time to explore their Saskatoon-based products, such as jam, jelly, syrup, dessert topping, pies and frozen pie filling and fabulous saskatoon soap!